The first and most fun  global themed match-3 Game since 2012, More than 2000 generals characters, as many as 1000 generals skills, the game world is synchronized!

ONECLCIK GAME concentrates on developing and operating high-quality games overseas, combining traditional Chinese culture with international core gameplay to develop game products suitable for global users, and on this basis, continuously improve and optimize to add more games suitable for user experience in the global market. Features and Services. We started in Asia, but we don't stop there, and make unremitting efforts to face the global market!

The best results of "Reversal of the Three Kingdoms" in the Appstore:
TOP 1 in the best-selling list in mainland China,
Hong Kong,Taiwan,Macau. TOP 50 in Malaysia,Singapore,Japanese,Korean.
ONECLCIK GAME strives to serve players, and the support and encouragement of players is an important reason for our continuous progress.

Excellent Operations Team Leader

Our philosophy is: keep making progress, keep surpassing

The chief operating officer of the game, with more than ten years of game operation experience, has worked for many Fortune 500 companies, and is well received by everyone in game operation

Game server architect, with rich technical experience, constantly leads the team to develop and explore new models and new architectures to ensure that the game is always in the best state

The person in charge of the game client, because he has very rich experience in client development, constantly optimizes the customer experience, and constantly strives to develop new functions.

The person in charge of the game operation and maintenance department! Lead the team to build and maintain game servers to ensure safe and stable game experience all over the world.

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